Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Animal Park

On Sunday we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was a treat for all of us since none of us had been before. My favorite part was watching Aidan feed the ducks and going on the African tour around the park. We got to see the most animals while on the tour including giraffes, rhinos, various types of deer, and leopords. I have to say I prefer the zoo over the wild animal park because it felt like we did A LOT of walking and didnt get to see that many animals ,but a fun time was definitely had by all. Aidans favorite part was feeding the ducks and running around the play area they had there. Things that he can do at your average park. LOL! Happy to be out of the stroller and to be freeeeee!

Aidan and the meerkats....

Im not sure what the Meerkats were doing here. I took this pic when we first arrived. I think they may have been sunning themselves.

Playing in the play area. In the summer, fall, and spring it is a water park but they turn off the water during the winter months.

Talking to daddy who is on the other side of the play area.

Petting zoo. Poor animals. Aidan was running around like a mad man. He would run up like a crazy person to the animals and then stop and say "gentle pats" and then pat them so gently. Im surprised they werent a nervous wreck but I guess they are used to it! LOL!

see.... gentle pats

see... wild boy! but having an awesome time!

Aidans new sweatshirt.

Pics from the African tour....

feeding the ducks. They were not shy in the least!

Self Portrait on the African Tour

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