Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun in the sun - stuck in the house no more!

Since the weather is warming up Aidan and I are back to spending time outside. I cant tell you how much better this makes me feel! Bring on the Sunshine!!!! We have finally met the neighborhood kids. Most of them are older but are very sweet to Aidan. They always stop to talk to him and let him participate in whatever they are doing - hide and seek, kick ball, etc.. Aidan has learned about a few new things since hanging with these kids. He now knows about Razors ( scooters) and hula hoops. LOL!

Aidan learned to peddle his tricycle this winter. He got to test his new skills on the road a few days ago. There is a little boy who is 3 in the neighborhood. Aidan is really wanting to try his little bike but he is not really into sharing, so Aidan will have to wait.

We are supposed to go to an Easter Egg Hunt today but the weather is really rainy. It rained so hard last night that we lost our electricity for several hours. I dont even mind the rain but just keep the SNOW and COLD weather away! If Aidan is still awake when it is time to go we will go to a birthday party today for my friend Kelly's little boy Brody who is turning 1.

Keegan on his bike. Aidan REAAALLLY wants to ride it. But Keegan said " I dont want his germs on it". I guess he must have a germophobe mom. LOL!

Sitting on our neigbors swing

Playing at the park.

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