Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Physical Therapy

Aidan had PT yesterday. He now has his Pollywog shoes inserts to give him more input to help with the toe walking. These are just like any other shoe inserts and are not visible when he has his shoes on. I can see a difference when he has them on. He is still on his toes a little, but nothing like before. Kim, his therapist, is working on building up the muscle strength in his legs and trunk. The hypotonia causes him to have difficulties in these areas. She also worked with him yesterday on the muscles in his mouth. Aidan got to have a "parade" around the therapy center playing his straw whistle. So cute! We are going to have an OT assessment to address the feeding issues he is experiencing. Aidan loves going to PT and it bascially is a big play session for him.

Going down the slide with Ms. Kim- Aidan still lies down flat while going down the slide ( due to low muscle tone in his trunk). She is working with him on leaning forward. One of Aidans favorite games is "feed the doggy". Ms. Kim is very impressed that he knows all the numbers on the bones. LOL!

collecting the bones to feed the doggy.

Aidan having a parade with his musical straw.

Playing in the swing- his reward for working so hard!

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