Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Success and learning curves

So we are on Day 5 of potty training! Overall Aidan is doing very well. I am so proud of him! He stayed dry the entire day yesterday and woke up dry this morning. We even drove to Huntington for dinner and back. He has used the potty twice in a public restroom ( another reason I did not take the initiative to potty train him- public restrooms creep me out). I have found some handy dandy toilet seat covers that not only are nice and thick but have stickies on the back side so they adhere nicely to the seat and are a little longer on the sides so they cover a little of the sides too! I have many memories of my mother carefully covering the toilet seat with toilet paper when I was little. These are sooo much better! Toilet seat covers and all still werent enough for Aidan to potty at the park today. We had a playdate with the mom and tot group I belong to. I took him to the potty twice there but he just couldnt go- can I say park restrooms are GROSS and I dont blame him! We were there for a couple of hours. As I was packing up our picnic lunch to go home and Aidan was playing on the play structure I looked up to see Aidan with his pants and underwear around his ankles and attempting to run to the bathroom. Poor baby just couldnt make it and decided to strip right there at the playground. lol! I was proud of him for having the right idea and attempting to make it to the bathroom.

The first couple of days I pretty much let him run around the house naked. This I learned the hard way was a BIG mistake! Since I wanted to stay close to home anyway I decided to do some Spring cleaning. I got out my Shark steam mop ( which I love btw) and steam cleaned my entire kitchen, downstairs bath, and dining room. The floors looked gorgeous! I sat down to take a little breather and check my emails. All of a sudden Aidan runs out of the living room and I hear him grunting. I hear him exclaim I pooped! in a very proud voice. I walk through the kitchen and see big piles of poop all over my freshly steam cleaned floor. UGGG!!! He just couldnt hold it but at least got a large portion of it in the potty and the rest all over himself and my floor. We still celebrated because he had the right idea but in my head I was saying a few curse words. lol! Luckily I hadnt even put the mop away yet and just went over it again. The lesson I learned is that it is best NOT to let your child run around naked when they are potty training and to ALWAYS keep at least underwear on them. lol!

The 2 videos I posted were taken the other night at about 11 pm. Aidan has been having a hard time going to bed lately on the days that he has really good naps. As you can tell he was totally awake! He picked up his harmonica and started playing it so I quickly whipped out the camera. I think I am going to have to start limiting his nap times so he goes to bed earlier.

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