Saturday, January 15, 2011

this and that....

The weather has been soooo beautiful the past week here but it has been especially warm the past two days. So much so that I put Aidan in shorts and a tshirt yesterday and I wore a skirt, short sleeve shirt and flip flops! Needless to say we have been enjoying the weather. :)

Aidan and I went to visit a couple of preschools on Thursday. The first one did not really impress me. There is something about a preschool who has a DIRECTOR that does not know phonics. I was talking with her when I first arrived and she was giving me an example of the curriculum there. She was talking about the kids learning their letters and sounds, " You know for example that "A" says oooo ( insert short "o" sound)" AAHHHH!!!! I wanted to run away at that point but Aidan was having a great time in circle so I stayed for her whole spiel. Maybe I am just a little on the sensitive side from teaching phonics for so many years but that really bugged me. Aidan already knows all of his letters and sounds ( and has since he was 2) and he knows that A does NOT say oooo and I do NOT want him to go to preschool just to be UNTAUGHT what he has already learned. The other thing she showed me was the worksheets that the kids are required to complete. I DO NOT want my kid sitting and doing worksheets at 3 years old. It is just my personal opinion but I think it is ridiculous. The second preschool visit I would consider a success. I liked the facilities, the teachers seemed genuinely interested in the kids, the director seemed knowledgeable and was extremely nice, and the kids seemed happy. The program is a "play based" program ( which is what I am looking for) with just a little academics. I am looking for a program where Aidan can learn to get along with others and share, where he can learn to be a little more independent while at the same time learn to be part of a group. I want him to work on gross and fine motor skills ( WITHOUT doing blasted worksheets), I want them to peek his curiosity and ask him REALLY good questions . I want him to explore and discover new things while being gently guided and most of all I want him to make friends and have fun. I want him to come home each day worn out and filthy dirty from exploring and learning new things. :) We have a couple of more appointments next week before I make my final decision and I know we will find the perfect fit.

Yesterday Aidan had a surprise in the mail and received some Australian themed books from Grandma Helen. Thank you Grandma!
Aidan, Clinton and I have had the opportunity to spend lots of time together this past month. It has been SO nice! but alas, Clinton had to go back to work yesterday because someone has to pay the bills. lol! I can't complain at all about Clinton working because we LOVE to visit him while he is teaching in San Diego. It would be hard to find a more beautiful spot than the Marina! I guess that is why there are so many weddings held there. Yesterday Clinton got a HUGE treat when he got his Christmas present delivered to him. His new HARLEY DAVIDSON! Now mind you he can't really drive it yet because he doesn't have his license but he HAS had the beginner class in riding a motorcycle and had a BALL driving it around the parking lot. lol!

Clinton on his motorcycle and Aidan on his motorcycle.

Aidan in the training room today playing the part of the prince during "Lords of Plantasia".

Here is a really BAD video. For some reason it is sideways and the lens is dirty. Im not sure how it ended up sideways because I shot the video the same way I shoot all of my videos. I wanted to post it because it is of Aidan riding his motorcycle today at the Marina. I think he had more fun today on his motorcycle than he has EVER had! The Marina is a PERFECT place to ride and I'm sure he rode several miles today!

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