Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trolley ride and balloon parade

Did you know that San Diego has the biggest balloon parade in the world? Even bigger than NYC Macys Thanksgiving Parade? NYC has 15 balloons and we have 22 balloons. I think it is one of San Diegos best kept secrets. I have never heard of it and only stumbled across it when I was looking on a "family things to do in San Diego" website. They have it every year for the "Holiday Bowl". This year Nebraska and Washington were playing. Clinton works out in the gym in the morning and my car only arrived early yesterday morning so I decided Aidan and I would take the trolley downtown to watch the parade. I have been wanting to take the trolley since we lived here so I figured this was the perfect opportunity. Of all days to forget the stroller I picked the day we had to do a lot of walking but Aidan did GREAT! I had to carry him for awhile but overall he was a trooper. The trolley ride itself was fun and an adventure. I wouldn't mind using it on a regular basis! It beats the heck out of looking for parking downtown.

The parade was truly amazing. The balloons were awesome and they had High School bands from around the country. I talked to some other people while we were waiting for it to start and they hadn't heard of it either until they stumbled across it in random places- in a magazine in a doctors office, being downtown when it was happening, etc... It was an hour and a half long but Aidan only lasted 45 minutes. He decided that he had enough so we decided to take advantage of the empty jump house, the nonexistent face painting line, and empty restaurant to grab some lunch. Score! It was such a fun day and I think we will add this to our list of yearly traditions!

getting ready to get on the trolley, It was chilly at 8 in the morning!
riding the trolley. Notice the leaf he picked up while we were waiting.
waiting for the parade to start...

The first balloon of the day? Thomas! Look at that GORGEOUS sky!

Mr. Potato Head

Bob the Builder

We were standing by a light. This is how they got Bob under it.

Seaworld Balloons

Its Shamu! We spent yesterday at Seaworld for New Years Eve. Pics coming soon.

Congratulations to the University of Washington who won the Holiday Bowl.

look at these cuties!!

Aidan had enough so we went to the jump house.

and got his face painted...

Happy New Years everyone! I hope 2011 brings Health, Wealth, and Happiness to all of you!

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