Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Preschool bound????

Aidan and his puppy Annabelle. I can't believe he was letting her lay there like that!

Aidan and I have spent the whole afternoon at Java Mamas. It is one of my favorite places in the new neighborhood where we will be moving in March. It is a coffee house where you can buy a "play pass" and they supervise your child while he/she plays. Its geared towards the 5 and under crowd so you dont have to worry about the bigger kids. The food there is awesome. Today I got an "everything" bagel with cream cheese, pesto sauce, and tomatoes for lunch and Aidan ate a grilled cheese with cantoloupe. Yummy! Today I took my computer so while Aidan was playing I researched preschools in the area. I found a few and have scheduled to tour 4 of them in the next week. Aidan is super excited and wants to "go to school and meet some little boys to play with". There is one at a church that I think I would really like him to go to but they dont have any openings until the fall. I think he will be much happier once he gets in school and gets into a routine. He still isn't thrilled about living here and told me last night, "mommy I don't want to live here" and honestly I can't blame him because I really dont want to live in our current location either but will deal with it until March. It amazes me how articulate he is and how he does such a good job at expressing his feelings.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in San Diego and I am enjoying it so much! It is supposed to be 77 on Friday! SOOOOO much better than the cold and snow!

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