Sunday, June 10, 2012

Palm Springs

We decided to take a last minute trip to Palm Springs this weekend. The pictures tell the story...

We started out riding the Tram to the top of the mountain. Can you say STEEP! Once on top of the mountain we decided to take a little hike. Everyone knows you need a walking stick when you hike!

 Did I ever mention that my husband is part mountain goat? Seriously he can climb a rock faster than anyone I have ever seen!
 Notice Clinton standing on top of the big rock and the little rocks in the forground....
 Aidan decided after watching daddy that he wanted to rock climb also.... So he climbed the little rocks.
 Very confident! Hmmm.... I think I will see if  I can climb the medium sized rock.
 Not to bad!
 Success!! Hmmm.... Maybe I will see if I can climb the BIG rock!
 I wouldn't exactly call it success. He got half way up and started freaking out, so Clinton carried him up the rest of the way. Again- part mountain goat. This is the view from where I was standing.
 and here is the view with the zoom lens. Not looking to happy. Can you say terrified.
 Daddy helping him down. It didn't take him long to get over it and start smiling again.
 Next, we had some lunch. Serious case of hat head.
 Me and my sweet boy.
 waiting on the tram to go down the mountain.
 on the way down we asked him which was his favorite part so far. His answer? Climbing the big rock? Go figure.... but he was very proud of himself.
 Next we went to the hotel and hit the pool.
 jumping to dad.
 This pic is out of order. Blogger has totally changed their format so I am learning.
 More playing in the pool. Don't ask me what the deal is with the hands in the air. It seemed to be the pose of the day.
 We spent 5 hours yesterday at the pool. That pretty much sums up our trip to Palm Springs, with the exception of grabbing some dinner. It was an awesome 24 hours!

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Anonymous said...

looks like he had a great weekend, well, except for the big rock thing. Mims