Saturday, June 23, 2012

You might live with Aidan Kai.....

You might live with Aidan Kai if......
- you walk into the bathroom and find a large couch cushion.

- you are missing the back to 2 of your remotes.

-you are unable to turn on the ceiling fan in your bedroom because the remote has gone missing.

-there are 2 trains sitting on a shelf in your pantry.

- there are 2 cars on the sink in the bathroom where the above mentioned couch cushion was located.

-90% of the time your couch cushions are in the floor.

- you pick up the couch cushions and 5 minutes later they are in the floor again.

- there are matchbox cars in EVERY room in your house and in your car.

- you find juice boxes and yogurt tubes hidden throughout the house.

- you have a fruit bowl full of apples with 1 bite taken out of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

- you have to clear your bed of  Legos and return them to their home before you can go to bed at night.

- you are constantly picking up socks around the house that always seem to have missing mates.

- your new (to you) car has an "A" scratched into the paint on the back door. :(

- you laugh no fewer than 12 times a day at the things he says.

-  the best part of your day is first thing in the morning when you are greeted with a good morning hug and a cuddle.

- you are told 20 times a day that you are loved and you are the best mom ever.

- you are magically able to make boo boos go away and tears stop flowing.

Yes. Aidan Kai may be difficult to live with sometimes but I wouldn't trade our life with him for the world!

I mean really??? He is a mess sometimes but HOW can you resist that face?


Nikki said...

hehe, so cute!

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Anonymous said...

That is an accurate description!