Friday, June 29, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Aidan had Preschool Graduation on Thursday. Sniff... Sniff.... What a special night it was! I can say that his school definitely puts on a nice graduation! The students sang 4 songs and then they each came up and got their "diplomas". When the teachers called them up they said what each one wanted to be when they grew up. It was hysterical! There was everything from policeman, baseball player (Aidans) to a fairy, Transformer, a T-Rex, and one little girl wanted to be a kitty when she grew up. So cute and innocent! I LOVE this age. The kids then went back to their classroom and the teachers played a slide show they prepared. They provided a packet for each student with a nice book, their portfolio, their diploma, report card, and a dvd with the slideshow on it. Aidan came home and watched his 3 times before he went to bed. :) I first thought that Preschool graduations were a little silly but I am glad his school does them. :)

Getting ready to go. He has been asking for a "big boy wallet", so I got him one as a little graduation present.

 with his teachers.....
 Me and my boy....
 Aidans 3 year old teacher came to graduation even though she doesn't teach anymore. She is the BEST! Aidan drew her a picture on a thank you card last year for her. It was a "Mercedes" and Aidan said that it was her car. She said that she still had the card ( I had totally forgotten about it) and that she finally got her real Mercedes! Her husband said to tell Aidan that he was some type of prophet. lol!  I LOVE Mrs. Thomas! Excuse Aidans cheesy smile. He was so over pictures at this point and it was the only one I got of them.
 Aidan and his buddy Mattias

In case you couldn't tell, this is the class singing the Pledge of Allegiance. lol!

When Aidan grows up he wants to be a baseball player!

Aidan had a speaking part. He announced the last song "Its a Small World"

This is how the kiddos exited back to their classrooms singing "Its a Small World". I apologize some of the videos are sideways. One of these days I will get the hang of it. :)

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