Sunday, September 23, 2012

Growing pains and Breakfast with Shamu

It has been a long week in our house. Aidan got in trouble for the first time at school. He and some friends were playing a rough game at recess and it got a little out of control. A friend told him to do something and him using his "5 year old boy judgement" did it and another student got hurt. He got an incident report sent home. I was shocked at what he did as he usually a pretty "gentle" kid and definitely gets upset when someone else gets hurt. He is experimenting more with rough play and I guess it is all a learning process. His teacher said he was very remorseful and she had a hard time calming him down because he was so upset. We talked about it when he got home. Why it was wrong and why we don't do something just because someone else tells us to do it. I really attempt to screen what he watches on t.v. Recently he has found the "Beyblades" videos on nexflix. I wasn't a huge fan of the show from the beginning but decided to let him watch them because he loves his Beyblades so much. I told him that his punishment would be no more Beyblade videos (at least for a couple of weeks) because they aren't kind to each other on the show. I also had him sit down and write apology letters to the other kids involved. * sigh* this is the not so fun part of parenting.

Aidan is continuing to enjoy school, but I think the whole Montessori philosophy is starting to backfire on me. lol. They really stress having kids do things for themselves and to think for themselves. I am starting to see evidence of this at home. Aidan wants to do EVERYTHING himself. The other night he decided to clean the bathroom without asking me first. He poured toilet bowl cleaner all over the bathroom and made a HUGE mess. I freaked because of the chemicals he got all over himself. He had on just underwear ( it has still been incredibly hot here) and the cleaner bleached out big spots on it. I made him get straight in the bath and thankfully it didn't hurt him or get in his eyes.  We had to have a talk about asking mom first before doing something that you think is a "good idea" ( After I put the fear of God in him first). It seems like we have been having LOTS of talks around here lately. lol. Although it seems he has been getting in a lot of trouble lately I guess it is a good thing and he is becoming independent. Lots of growing pains this week. :(

Our Seaworld passes are getting ready to expire and I have always wanted to have breakfast with Shamu. I LOVE whales and dolphins. I think they are some of the most gorgeous creatures God created and can't get enough of them! Since having Saturday morning breakfast together is my and Aidan's new tradition I decided spur of the moment that this would be the weekend we would go! It was a total surprise for Aidan. I put him in the car and told him we were going someplace special for breakfast. I then gave him hints as we were driving and had him guess. I told him it started with an "S" and ended with a "D". He thought for a second and said, "Is it Denny's spelled backwards?" My little clever boy. What a great guess! He was excited when we arrived, but I think I was WAY more excited. :0)

My silly boy came to me like this and said "hey mom look I am George Washington!" What an imagination!

 Breakfast with Shamu!

We were SO close to the whales. I LOVED it!
 Aidan decided to stand back because he didn't want to get wet while I was all leaning over the railing attempting to get some good pictures.
 getting a belly rub
 say ahh!

 Oh my sweet baby. I could just kiss your face off! Isn't she gorgeous!

 After breakfast we went to the underwater viewing area and I took some more pics.

 Bat Rays. Again I was all in the water petting these beautiful creatures while Aidan barely put a pinky in.

 Having a watermelon snack break
playing in the water.

 Aidan decided that he would ride the rides for the first time by himself! At least he is getting a little braver in this area. :)

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