Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 2

This week was easier than the last but sadly it ended pretty tragically. The little girl I work with took a bad fall at school and suffered a head injury. I still don't know the status of her right now because her parents aren't picking up the phone. I have had a sad heart all weekend worrying about her. She wasn't with me when she fell. I had another assistant in the room holding her hand while I was looking for a piece of equipment for her. It was less than a minute that I was searching for the equipment when she took a tumble into a bookshelf. I know that it was not my fault but I have tremendous guilt over it. She never lost consciousness but had a HUGE knot on the back of her head. Hopefully, she is fine but I just don't know. :( I watch her and treat her  like I would watch Aidan if he had the condition she does. She is such a sweet spirit and I just HATE that it happened to her. It was just a series of  unfortunate events and a total accident. Prayers would be appreciated for her and her family. 

We have been just sitting around the house this weekend. I decided finally to get out today and take Aidan to the Festival of Tall Ships down by the bay. I will post pictures later. Here are some pics of last weekends fun. A friend invited us to her block party and it was a blast! SOO much fun. There were water games, food, music, sparklers, smores, a bounce house and a movie to end the night. What a fun day/ evening!

Water balloon toss.

 a free for all with the water balloons. You can see Aidan in the middle getting ready to launch one at someone.
 Water gun fights
 roasting marshmallows for smores.

 eating smores. Yummy!
 You can't tell, but this is a little dance action going on.
 Getting ready to watch the movie.

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