Saturday, September 29, 2012


Aidan has been begging to go to the rodeo mainly because his teacher and her family were going to be there. His teachers son was participating in the "mutton riding" ( sheep riding) last night. I thought "what the heck", since I am all about new experiences and it sounded like a fun family outing I decided we would go. I told him we probably wouldn't see his teacher (and we didn't) but he still wanted to go. We were pleasantly surprised and it was a really fun evening! We weren't in the best seats in the beginning and then I spied a bunch of kids playing in the "end zone" ( or whatever you call it at a We moved and he was much happier playing around with the other little cowboys.

We got to see them doing the bucking broncos and steer roping. My favorite part was the barrel racing. The junior barrel racing was even better! There were kids as young as 7 participating in that event!

It was really hard to get any good shots with the lighting and my less than average camera. I did get a few of the "charros", but the rest were to blurry to even tell what they were.

Hey Cowboy!

Having some quality time with dad.

 Where we were sitting there was a constant stream of people walking in front of us, so we decided to move.

yay! Another little cowboy to play with! I wonder what they were talking about? They look like they are using sign language to talk to each other.


 I NEVER let Aidan have coke, but last night I made an exception.

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