Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am in love!

First off let me say that the student I work with ended up being o.k. She had a concussion but was her usual smiley self on Tuesday morning! Praise the Lord! There is a team of people coming in to reevaluate her skills and the classroom to see what we can do to ensure her safety. We had a meeting at her house this week with all of the professionals that work with her ( there were 15 there!) and skyped with a lady who is the nations top expert of her syndrome. They are also flying her in , in a couple of months to meet with all of us. She gave us some great tips on how to work with her on her eye gaze communicator. I have to say I think this job working as a one on one assistant  with a nonverbal student is by far harder than my teaching positions ever were! It is more demanding both physically and mentally. I guess it just doesn't come naturally to me like working with students with other types of disabilities. It is just so hard because her IQ is normal and sometimes I just can't figure out what she wants. We both end up getting frustrated. I think it is just going to take time.

I am in love! I have completely fallen in love with Montessori! Aidan brings home his work every Friday and  I have been impressed! So far he has worked on addition, subtraction, labeling the scientific name of a flower, work with Continents ( he has told me about this but I am still not sure how he is working with the continents. The teacher let me know that he knew all the continents ( I already knew this)  but he is somehow creating a map using a hole punch? not sure but it is a work in progress), reading, shapes, and more. He also has done dish washing, orange squeezing, coffee grinding, and more. I feel like he is receiving OT every day at school! SCORE! He has P.E. 3 times a week and Spanish every day. The 9 Kindergarten students in his class ( remember it is multi age) also get to go to the Computer Lab and have reading groups. All the kids also do music. I can tell that he has a good relationship with his teachers and he is very comfortable with them. I am going in on Monday to observe him through their one way mirror. I want to see him in action and to see if his sensory issues are impacting him at school ( I feel pretty sure they are but I want to see what we can do to remedy them). I am meeting with his teachers on Tuesday to check in to see how he is doing and also to give them some things that may help Aidan with his fine motor skills and sensory needs. I have spoken with them briefly and they are more than willing to do what ever they need to meet his needs. I am super happy with his school and teachers so far, a totally different experience than last year.

This is the newest addiction at our house. Beyblades! Aidan played with them with a bunch of boys at the block party a few weeks. ago. Since them he has been "pretending" using different objects and throwing them on the ground. The ages were for 8 plus so I was hesitating buying them for him. I started feeling sorry for him and broke down and bought him some yesterday. He has been playing with them non-stop! I haven't seen him play with a toy for such a long period of time since his Thomas days when he was 2. For those of you who don't know what they are ( I didn't until he played with them). The gold thing in the middle is the "arena". You battle your beyblades and the participants are called "bladers". You set up your beyblade on it's launcher ( it is basically a spinning top with a rip cord). You say 3,2,1 let it ripe! and launch your beyblade into the arena. The blade that stops spinning last wins! It is really just a fancy way of playing spinning tops. lol. Aidan loves it so I am rolling with it!

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