Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1st lost tooth

It finally happened! The moment that Aidan has been looking forward to for 2 years! The first lost tooth! He discovered a couple of weeks ago that he finally had a loose tooth. He wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled it. However, that sucker stayed in there. He even wanted his dad to pull it but his dad said "No, its not ready." Finally yesterday at school it fell out. I have yet to get a straight story as to HOW it fell out. They gave him a cute tooth shaped necklace and locket at school to bring it home and the tooth fairy made her first trip to our house last night. She left 5 bucks and a letter congratulating him on his first lost tooth. :)
 locket from school....
 Aidan's tooth fairy pillow and my little pillow from when I was a kid. He put the tooth in the little pillow and then put it in the pocket.
He came running into our room before dawn with his "prize" so no pictures. He then promptly fell back asleep in our bed.

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Helen said...

congrats, Aidan! that pillow is so cute!