Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aidans 6th Beyblade/Science birthday blowout!

Aidan is known to start planning his birthday parties 6 months in advance. He decides the theme, where he wants to have it, and the guest list. This year he decided on a Beyblade theme and to also do some Science experiments! I had my work cut out for me but I LOVE planning parties so it was a fun challenge for me. His teacher Jennifer does entertainment at birthday parties as a side business so of course we had to have her there! I told her my ideas and she did a great job entertaining the kids. They all just love her.
This was the day before his birthday and the last day of Vacation Bible School. I let him open his presents early. He is REALLY into Monopoly these days and was wanting Monopoly Millionaire. He also ended up purchasing 2 other Monopoly games with the money he got for his birthday.
 His first Super Soaker Water gun...
 We had his birthday party at a park. Here is the cupcake tower I made.
 and the Beyblade Fast Fuel also know as water.
 Here are the Battle Rules I came up with. Each child was given a VIP Pass for " Aidans Beyblade Birthday". Each time the kids battled best out of 3 and the winner got a sticker on the back of their lanyard. The person with the most stickers at the end of the party was the "Beyblade Champion"
 Aidans personalized birthday shirt. It has a beyblade on it. He is 6 and I STILL can't get away from the personalized shirts. I can't help it. I think they are so cute!

 For those of you who don't know.... These are Beyblades. They are basically spinning tops that come with a launcher. The last one to stop spinning wins the battle.
 Jennifer was the referee during the party...
 I had 3 practice arenas set up where kids could play and practice at anytime and 2 official "battle arenas" where they could battle and win stickers.

 Next the mad scientist made an appearance for some mad science

 I believe this was the exploding soda bottle...

 Yep. Exploding Soda. Everywhere!
 More Science....

 Look how engaged the kids are..... Is it any wonder I love our school and teachers so much.

 back to battling. Even the littlist guests were into it
 Making goop...
 Time to sing....

 Blue icing!
 Boys are so gross. lol
 Beyblade Pinata. It was kind of a dud....
 It was the kind that the kids take turns pulling the strings to pull it open. Aidan went first, and then 2 year old Avery went next and the piƱata opened right up!
 The Official Beyblade Champion! He was so proud of that tiny trophy! :)
 Aidan and Jennifer. What a great party!
 Aidan and his best buddy Connor.

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