Monday, September 2, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

I am now back to blogging! My computer has been on and off for the past year making it very difficult and frustrating to blog. I have been using my iPad for the internet, facebook, etc... but it is not great for blogging.  My sweet husband just purchased me a new one so now I am back online! Yay! I am going to play catch up in the next few posts but this one will be about kindergarten graduation. Back in June Aidan graduated from Kindergarten. I couldn't have been more thrilled how his school year went for him. I( of course) love the Montessori philosophy and love love love his school. It is such a nurturing place with such loving and nurturing teachers. I know that my boy is well looked after there. They use just the right amount of love and encouragement as well as setting high expectations for the students. I know I could always go talk to his teachers if I was feeling uneasy about any situation.
For graduation each student had to give a little speech. They had to say what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the kiddos said they wanted to be doctors but not my kid. When he grows up he wants to be a Movie Director!  They then each got called up to shake all the teachers and the Directors hands and receive their little diploma and a rose.  Afterwards we went to their classrooms for refreshments and we got to receive their Kindergarten binders as well as see their power point presentations they each created. Power Point in Kindergarten. Who would have ever guessed? As a treat we decided to take Aidan out early and his dad and I took him to the County Fair. It was a great day.
Aidan giving his speech. I promise I had him all straightened out when I left him. When he walked onto stage his tie was out and his hat was all askew. Oh well. The whole outfit kind of went with the  "Movie Director" theme and this is typical Aidan. lol.
Shaking his teachers hands.. Anne Margaret was not there that day. She was attending her own son's middle school graduation.
 Shaking the directors hand
 smelling his rose
 These were the kindergarten binders. You can see Aidan's at the bottom. We were so blessed that Anne Margaret is such a gifted photographer. She took so many awesome pictures of the kids. She always took them from across the room so she was able to catch their "authentic selves" and not some cheesy posed smile. Each 8x10 black and white photo was framed and on the wall the entire year. The first time I saw them I thought they were just professional photographs of random kids. I then realized I recognized those kids! Then I recognized my own kid!
 Here is the front of the binder. This will be a treasured keepsake for the rest of my life. :)
Erika is Aidan's other teacher. He LOVES her and always asks if we can have play dates with her. lol. She was the one I can credit Aidan's love of Math. She was always working with him on it and pushing him to do more difficult work. :)
 Aidan and his buddy Dylan
 Jennifer the Teachers Assistant. What can I say about Jennifer?? Well she is amazing and you will be seeing more pictures of her when I do Aidan's birthday party post as she ran the event. I credit her with Aidan's love of Science that he has developed over the past year. She was constantly doing fun Science Experiments with the kids.
My next post will be about Aidan's Science/Beyblade birthday bash and then I will do one about the first day of first grade. Oh My!

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