Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lunch with the fireman

As I mentioned before Aidan has joined the scouts this year. The first graders are the "Tiger Den" and part of the Tiger Den requirements are to do something called "go and see its". These are basically field trips in the community to learn about the community and they have to complete a certain amount over the course of the year. This weekend they did a "go and see it" to the fire station. We bought the firemen lunch so we got to have lunch with them too! It was exciting and fun for the kids AND the adults ( have I mentioned that I LOVE a man in uniform. lol!) They were extremely nice and hospitable. Our kiddos learned a lot :)  I took some pictures but the ones I posted are basically the back of heads as I did not have permission from the other parents to post on the web.
At their Den meeting this week they made a card to present to the firemen. Presenting the thank you card.
 Aidan discussing "stop, drop, and roll" only he accidentally said "stop, dunk, and roll"
 Rolling around the floor with the firemen to demonstrate " stop, drop, and roll"
 He was REALLY into it.
 just because I think the firemen are cute.... Not really they are demonstrating the gear they have to wear.
 In full gear and getting ready to get attacked but some tigers....
 The thank you card we made....
 lunch with the firemen...
 Aidan is surprising me and actually eating pizza these days. He is still a really picky eater. I got tired of arguing with him in the morning about eating breakfast so I have been making him smoothies for the past 3 weeks. He drinks them with NO complaints! Score!

 This picture cracks me up because it reminds me of a duck and his ducklings. lol.

 The boys were so good and listening intently at everything he had to say. Here he was showing them their exercise room and talking to them about working out.
I love this picture of Aidan standing there listening with his hands in his pocket. :)

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