Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recap from this week

We began this week by saying good bye to some good friends. Joe and Jenni ( aidan's first baby sitters) moved to Colorado. Aidan and I went to their going away party last Sunday. We are going to miss them but will enjoy visiting them during ski season LOL!

Also this week I began interviewing nannies. We have decided to get a nanny for just a few hours a week and some weekends so I can help Clinton. Now that Aidan is walking it is near impossible to get any work done when he is awake. I think I am finally ready to " let go" just a little and let someone else take care of him for a few hours a week ( although I don't plan on being out of the house!). I really like one of the girls I interviewed but I just need to get her background check done and contact her references. We also thought a nanny could travel with us when we go to London. Frontier Trainings is taking off like wildfire over there and Clinton's name is really getting recognized in the UK. I have a feeling we will be going there at least a couple of times a year.

This week I also made the first steps in getting Aidan's passport. I ordered a certified copy of his original birth certificate. Hopefully it will be here in a couple of weeks and I can schedule his appointment with the passport agency.

Clinton , Aidan, and I went out to dinner one night this week. After dinner we let Aidan walk around the outside mall area ( where all the kiosk's are located). It was the first time we have let him walk in a public place. He was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself. He began patting his belly in excitement and squealing!

It has been a really quiet weekend. Clinton is running a sales course so we have a house full of people staying here but just from about 11:00pm to 8:00 am. The rest of the time it has been just A and myself. We went for a swim and I took him to Balboa Park yesterday. He had so much fun! Anywhere he gets to walk around these days is a big hit with him. We went to the farmers market this morning and I bought some fresh veggies and fruit. We had a very yummy lunch of artichoke and spinach feta cheese on pita, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Aidan is loving fruit these days. While at the market I just gave him a whole banana and he gobbled it up in just a few minutes. He was one happy, messy, and content boy! We are going to go visit Clinton when Aidan gets up from his nap. He will get some more walking time in but in a cool and breezy location by the bay!

Now for some pics! Be sure to watch the walking video of Aidan at the end. We will miss you Joe and Jenni! We will visit you this winter! ( Aidan was really in the need of a nap in this picture)

Aidan's new Elmo hooded towel. It cracks him up.

excited to be freeeeeeee!

Aidan pointing at a plane. If any of you have ever flown into San Diego you know the airport is right downtown. The park is really close to the airport so Aidan was pointing and saying "pane" every few minutes.

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