Friday, August 1, 2008

West Coast Party

Yesterday we had Aidan's "West Coast Party". It was a very warm day but lots of fun. I decided to let Aidan be all boy today and play outside. Believe it or not I have never let the poor baby just play outside. Of course we go to parks and swing and do other stuff outside. Today ( sorry mom I hope you are prepared for this) I let Aidan just play and get dirty for the first time. I know shocking isn't it. But what I learned is that it is ok for Aidan to get a little dirty once in awhile. He had a ball and cleaned up quite nicely! Here are some pics from the days event.

Outfit # 1 - Look who's 1 Aidan Kai..... How many times do I have to tell you people that I am 1!
The food.... Doesn't it look nice?

The tables....

I loved Aidans cakes. Aren't they cute! It tasted as good as it looked.

Aidan' "smash cake" In case you Aussies don't know what this is ( Clinton didn't). On a babies first birthday it is tradition to give them a cake that they can have fun digging into and eating.

Mr. Big boy on his riding toy.

Hey this is fun!

The table after we moved the food when it just got to stinkin' hot. Doesn't it look gross!

Mr. Walker. He is sooo cute walking. He looks like a little Frankenstein the way he holds his arms and hands.

Coolin' off in the pool. I had the brilliant idea of putting 3 dozen rubber ducks in the pool to float. They of course all ended up in the filter, so we gave them to Aidan.

Jacob, Don't even think about taking my riding toy.

2 happy boys

Another waking picture

Opening gifts. The first thing we opened was a sword.... Doesn't every one year old need a pirate sword? HUH? Anyway Aidan thought it made a fine chew toy.

Aidans cool pirate rocking chair we got him. On the front it says " Jolly Rocker"

More Pirate attire....

o.k. mom- enough with the pirate stuff already. I am getting bored with it.

One of my favorite pics of the day...

Aidans smash cake.

Hum... let me see what this is.....

Maybe I will play with one of these little ducks..

Oh this feels kind of weird...

So this is how you do it. Thanks for the coaching dad!

Ummm... This IS tasty!!!!

The cake after Aidan was finished with it.

Going to town eating his cake...

Mr. Monkey Face with cake all over his face. Too funny!

After eating his cake I just let him run around in his diaper. Getting dirty..

See... I told you he got dirty! Look at those knees!

Couldn't finish the post without including a picture of Miss Annabelle Leigh- Who also had a great time eating cake off the ground!

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suzanne said...

We had a great time at Aidan's party! Your sliding screen doors were a smash hit with Jacob. And Aidan did so well with missing his 2nd nap. It's so exciting to see him walking now, I love the 'tippy toes' technique! After all the excitement I'm sure he slept like a rock. Jacob konked out cold on the ride home. Thanks for having us, we were happy to share in the day!
Happy 1st Birthday Aidan!