Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Frustrating! WARNING ranting post!

The saga continues to get Aidan's passport. Why can't ANYTHING in the adoption world just be simple? I have been attempting to get Aidans original birth certificate for 3 weeks now. I began by getting on the website of the Nevada birth and death registry. Of course there is no phone number to actually talk to someone LIVE only a recorded message on how to obtain the certificate. I followed the instructions and mailed off my request. After 2 weeks I checked our bank account and saw that they had yet to cash my check. After this I decided to use a company called VITAL STATISTICS. What a nightmare. I thought this would be better because you actually submit your request over the web. Simple Right? Not so much. Again, there is no phone number to actually talk to a LIVE person. On the website you can track your order. I noticed my order had been cancelled so I emailed customer service ( of course they say they will get back to you in 3 working days- what bull!). I have emailed with them back and forth and they tell me that I am not entitled to Aidans original birth certificate because the adoption is not complete and that only the birth mother is entitled to it and I am entitled to his new birth certificate with his new name. Say what? In every email I have stated that the adoption is complete and I have even faxed them our documents stating the fact. If I HAD the new certificate I wouldnt need the original ( Dumb ass California for not submitting the new BC for 1 year!)So, in my last email I let them know that we are Aidans legal parents and we have every right to his birth certificate. I also asked that a supervisor call me. I doubt I will get this resolved with the company. So after this final attempt I will just contact our attorney and see if he can help us. I mean I feel I have pretty good negotiating skills but it is difficult to negotiate when you can't actually TALK to someone! Dumb Ass Vital Statistics!


Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL!! Tell you what. You come do my job for one week as a government contract specialist in the month of September and I'll come keep sweet little Aidan Kai (And I'll get that damn birth certificate.) Open a can of Whoopass and show them what WV is all about!!!

Later Cuz,

suzanne said...

Ugh.. I guess you can't drive out there and kick some @$%.. oh, I mean, drive to Clark County and get it in person like you can do here in the OC. Sorry to hear that, how incredibly frustrating!! I'm going to Vegas in two weeks, anything I can do to help?? Wanna go with me?
Hope to see you this weekend at the MU gamewatching! Jacob will be wearing his new outfit that I left at your house that time! :)