Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun at Seaworld

Clinton took a group of people hiking yesterday in Ojai so I decided to take Aidan to Seaworld. I LOVE Seaworld and haven't been since we have lived here. Clinton even got me dolphin trainer for a day and I havent even used it yet (mainly because I haven't had a sitter).

We had an absolute ball yesterday and get this - We didnt see a single whale or dolphin the entire day. How do you go to Seaworld and not even lay your eyes on Shamu you ask? You spend your entire time at BAY OF PLAY! In case you are not familiar with this, it is a part of the park for little kids that is ALL SESAME STREET! I have to admit that I am bit of a Sesame Street freak! I loved, loved, loved, Sesame Street as a kid but then I kind of grew out it. When Aidan was born the Sesame loving kid inside of me was reignited! I love all of the characters especially the "old school" ones like Grover, Snuffie, Cookie, and Big Bird. I am talking I love them more than Mickey or any Disney character. I was watching "A baby story" the other day and the mom they were featuring worked for Sesame Street and I had a little streak of jealousy run through me. Sad I know but what a job that would be! Anyway Aidan and I spent just a couple of hours at Bay of Play and then caught a show. It was enough for the babe and I decided we needed to head home. I purchased a season pass so I have every intention of going back and having breakfast with Elmo and Lunch with Shamu!

Before I show you some Aidan cuteness I wanted to give you and update of 'Must Love Kids'. It has been moved to Saturdays at noon . Evidently TLC has decided they wanted to make the night time shows "more edgy". Also some scoop - Tracy let me know that she did NOT pick the guys they matched her with. They asked her to look at the profiles and rank the men 1 -28 in order that she would like to date them. Half of the guys were at the BOTTOM of her list and none were in her top 10. That explains a lot. In case any of you were wondering if Paris acts the way in real life the way she does on the show - the answer is YES! She is quite the handful to say the least and can leave a person exhausted after being with her for a couple of hours. She does however have her cute and sweet moments.

Now for some Aidan cuteness....

Let me see... How do you do this? Oh I figured it out.

Presenting...... All of my fav characters

Squealing in excitement! Too cute.

Some new members of the family that I had to have for myself - oh I mean Aidan. Snuffie, Grover, and Big Bird ( Aidan calls him duck). The cute one to the far left is known as Annabelle. I think she is Abby Cadabby's sister.

2 cute videos of Aidan exploring. Notice how he pats his belly when he get excited.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of Aidan with the stuffed animals and Annabelle is maybe my favorite one to date!!! Tell your Mom I got the pictures she mailed me too and they were adorable. I will give Sheri hers this week. Talk to you soon... -Cara