Monday, August 25, 2008

Rough Weekend

Poor little Aidan had a rough weekend. It started with him falling off of the stage on Thursday. Clinton had an event this weekend and we were at the venue during set up. He was playing with our assistant trainers little 7 year old girl and the next thing I know he had crawled off the stage. He didnt get hurt. I think it just scared him.

On Friday Aidan got put in time out for the first time. He is becoming more of a toddler every day and starting to test me a little. He decided he wanted to play with the dogs food in the morning. We talked about it and I kept telling him to put the food back in the dish ( which he did). While I was fixing his lunch he once again got into the dogs food. I asked him to put it in the bowl. He looked at me and then proceeded to put it in his mouth. YUCK! He had to sit in the living room floor for one minute. He did not enjoy it but he has not touched the food since then.

We wrapped up the weekend in the ER Sunday night. It was time for dinner and I was getting Aidan to come into the kitchen. so he could eat. I was standing two feet from him and he turned to run away from me ( I think because he had a very mischevious smile on his face) He fell on our Travertine floor and fell head first.He was crying inconsolably and at first I couldnt tell what was wrong with him because I thought he hurt his leg. I then saw the huge golf ball sized knot on his forehead. Not good. I drove him to the ER just to make sure he didnt have a concussion ( he didnt). They made us hang out there for awhile becuase the bump was so big they couldnt feel to see if the skull was cracked. They were looking for signs of brain damage ( vomiting, crankiness, etc...) to determine if they needed to do a CAT scan. He ended up being his happy content self after he got some food in his belly so they let us go. The swelling had gone down considerbly by the time they let us go. This morning it looked a thousand times better. It is still a little swollen and he has a huge bruise but he is fine. He has been happy and content all day. I am still a nervous wreck so I stayed on his heels all day today. It is hard to imagine that he did that much damage just walking! I really wish we had wall to wall carpet instead of the Travertine downstairs. I think I am just going to keep him upstairs ( where it is carpeted) as much as I can and put his big playpen in the living room off of the kitchen ( where we have a rug) This should keep him contained. The playpen is big enough that he can walk around without feeling confined. I wish I could just put him in a helmet and wrap him in bubble wrap! I hope our week goes better than our weekend!

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Rhonda said...

I know how you feel about wanting to put a helmet on him. Amelia slipped and hit the back of her head on my ceramic tile floor. We called the doctor and watched for all the signs. Lucky, she was fine, not even a knot like Aidan has. But, it scared the daylights out of me. It makes you want to put down those rubber mats all over the house.