Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The best part of my day

We are a very touchy feely family. I tell Aidan I love him and give him hugs dozens of times a day - everyday. I think because of this ( or maybe because it is something inborn in him) he is a very touchy feely child. He actually smothers ME with dozens of kisses, hugs, and " I love yous" throughout the day. He also shows love and affection to everyone around him. I LOVE that he is this way!

Aidan is very much a morning person. He NEVER wakes up in the morning in a bad mood. He always wakes up and goes immediately to my room ( I am always still in bed because he gets up so early unless we have something to do early in the morning). He always has the biggest smile on his face and reaches up to give me the biggest hug. He says. " I love you mommy" and we cuddle for about 10 minutes and I sing to him. This is by far the best part of my day! I wouldn't trade moments like this for all he gold , money, earthly possession in the world. My heart overflows with joy and I feel so blessed! God is so good! I sure do love that little boy and I think he loves me too!

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