Thursday, December 16, 2010

Math, Geography, and Chemistry

When I was in school there were three subjects that I really struggled - math, geography, and chemistry ( ugh! I NEVER was able to balance equations and the thought of it sends shivers down my spine- this is probably the reason I never became a marine biologist).

I think my problem in math started in the fifth grade. I had a teacher who frankly did not enjoy teaching math so we had it about once a week ( west virginia education at its finest). Hence, my REAL problems started in the 6th grade as I aced 5th grade ( is there any doubt she gave everyone A's?). Since I have actually taught 5th grade math I see how many important foundations are laid down in the 5th grade. I can remember my 6th grade teacher asking us "how many of you had Mrs. H for math in 5th grade?" I can remember her just sighing and now I know why. Of couse I have since gotten over it and I am not intimidated by math anymore. However, just a plea to parents.. if you feel your child is not getting an appropriate education and is lacking in ANY subject area PLEASE speak up. I can remember my mom speaking up on a couple of occasions but I don't think she really knew the lack of math education we were receiving.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I have decided to start exposing Geography to Aidan at an early age. I have bought him a couple of maps. He has a little placemat that has a map of the US on one side and the state flags on the other. We talk about state capitols, the concept of North, South, East, and West, and talk about places we have been. He is really embracing it and learning a lot! Yesterday he said, "I need to go look at my map because I need to find Egypt." I had to explain to him that he wouldn't find Egypt on his map because Egypt was not in the US. I don't think he really comprehended this but was ok with it. My plans are to buy him a giant world map for his bedroom wall once we get settled in San Diego. I think it will be fun to mark the places we have been and to mark the places where his dad is at the moment. I want him to see Geography and Math and Science as something fun! Hopefully, this will make it easier for him when he goes to school. :)

on another note- Aidan and I were driving to my moms and we were a little bored. I decided to teach Aidan the greek alphabet for fun! He slurs some of the words so for those of you who weren't greeks in college it goes - alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omricon, pi, rho, sigma, tau upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega.


Anonymous said...

I may be able to help you with the map thingy. I forgot to tell you that I got him a US map for his Tag. They also had a world map I considered because you could show him where his daddy is in the world but I didn't get it. If I can think of where I got the US map I will go back and see if they still have the world map.

Anonymous said...

lot of love nana duc.