Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

It has been a crazy week. In the past 5 days we have celebrated Christmas in Tennessee, driven 5 hours in a blizzard, packed up our WV house in a blizzard, and are now happily sitting in San Diego.

Christmas was so special this year. Clinton arrived in WV on the 20th late at night. I didn't tell Aidan that his dad was coming, because I wasnt sure if his flight would make it in with the weather. I only told him that he would have a surprise in the morning when he woke up. My cousin Terri came and sat with Aidan while I picked Clinton up from the airport. The look on Aidans face when he realized his dad was there was priceless. He was so surprised and so happy! He had a great time playing with Clinton and soaking up the attention from him. On the 22nd we drove to my moms house in Tennessee. She had her house decorated so pretty! There was not one but two Christmas trees and there were pretty decorations everywhere. My aunt came on Christmas Eve and we all went to church. It was a nice candlelight service. When we got home the Christmas Eve fun began. I put up an advent calendar for Aidan - the same one I had when I was a kid. Instead of putting candy for every day, I put candy on some days and other days I had slips of paper with different activities. The activity on Christmas Eve day was to make reindeer food using oatmeal, sugar, and red and green sprinkles. After church we had our traditional hot dog Christmas Eve dinner ( not typical I know but this is a tradition in our family even though Clinton and Aidan begged to eat at the Waffle House. lol!) Aidan got to sprinkle the reindeer food on the front lawn and leave the key out for Santa. He then took his bath and put on his special Christmas pajamas. We took some family pics and then he put out the cookies and milk for Santa. It took him forever to go to sleep Christmas Eve! Finally he fell asleep and at some point Santa visited and left lots of goodies for Aidan Kai. When he saw the loot Santa left he said- "It is everything I wanted!" I havent had the chance yet to download pics from Christmas day so that will be in the next post. My uncle and his wife came on Christmas day. It was so nice to spend the day with family! Christmas night Aidan looked at me and said "You are Santa Claus". I was really taken back and didn't know what to say so I just blew it off. That little stinker is way to smart for his own good. Hopefully we will get at least one more year that he still believes. It was a great Christmas.

It began snowing on Christmas day so we had a white Christmas. We left the day after Christmas and it snowed heavily the ENTIRE day. Andrew the Great flew in to WV the day after Christmas and on the 27th we packed up the moving fan in the snow. I wish I would have taken pictures of that day but I was just to consumed in the process. I had dinner with Cara and Sheri that night and we had one last hurrah. I sure am going to miss those girls. I haven't seen much of Sheri because she has been so busy with Weston ( which by the way he is home now with 24 hour nursing care and is on a ventilator, feeding tube, and trach. He was actually hospitalized again yesterday because his central line came out. He will have to have it reinserted next week in Morgantown. Please continue to pray for him). Yesterday we flew from WV to San Diego. Currently Andrew is somewhere in the middle of the US driving our belongings and towing my car. His goal is to be here by New Years Eve! We are still in Clintons small apartment and will be moving into a house in either Feb or March. I can't WAIT until that day comes. After we get settled I will be happy if we don't move again for YEARS!

Cuddling with dad on the couch the morning after he arrived. Aidan NEVER does this with me. He won' t stop moving long enough. Christmas Eve. Leaving out food for the reindeer.

Aidan put the key out for Santa
leaving out the milk and cookies

Santas cookie of choice is Mint Milanos at our house.

Standing in front of the tree downstairs.

in front of the tree upstairs

Merry Christmas everyone!

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