Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 4 and 5 Florida- Epcot and Universal

Day 3 of Disney was not quite as magical as our day at the Magic Kingdom but Thank Goodness we were at Epcot and NOT the Magic Kingdom. The one thing happened that Disney can not control - it rained! Boo. We got to Epcot and got to see a few of the attractions before the skies opened up. FYI - I would NOT recommend taking very young children to Epcot, it is more for older children and adults. I however appreciated much more this time then when I went when I was a preteen. It started raining when we were in one of the attractions. It was a DOWNPOUR and not just a light sprinkle. We ducked for cover for awhile. I then went and bought us some ponchos. We had early dinner reservations in China so we decided just to go for it. I bought Aidan a child sized poncho and then covered the stroller with an adult size poncho. Luckily I had packed my umbrella. By the time we got to the restaurant- about a 10 minute walk/jog- Aidan was out like a light! I couldnt believe it. I then had to decide if I was going to wake him up and take him inside to eat or to stand in the rain. I NEVER wake a sleeping child but made an exception that day! I woke him up and he did surprisingly well at dinner after I held him for about 15 minutes. When dinner was over it was STILL raining. We had to make a decision. We picked THAT day to take advantage of the free transportation from our hotel. The down side is they only picked up late at night. We had 4 hours to kill before the first pick up. There was an attraction that Clinton REALLY wanted to see and was indoors so we walked there. It was a 40 minute show so we decided at least it would be a reprieve from the rain. When we got there Aidan was sleeping AGAIN! AAAHHH I was a little frustrated at this point. I knew he was REALLY tired so I told Clinton to go in and enjoy the show and I would stay with Aidan. So Clinton went to see the show and I stood in the rain for 40 minutes ( I did at least sit at a table with a small umbrella over it which provided a little cover) with a sleeping baby who was as snug as a bug in the "tent" I made him. When Clinton got out of the show I decided it was time for us to LEAVE - I had enough of the rain! We caught a taxi back to our hotel- so much for the free transportation that day. lol! Everything we had with us that day was SOAKED when we got back to the hotel. My shoes did not dry off until we got home and I was able to put them in the sun to dry.

The last day we went to Universal. Again, not a place I would really recommend for small children. They did have a Barney show and clubhouse that Aidan LOVED! They also had a water play area but it was to cold that day to enjoy. All in all it was a good day!

First arriving at Epcot- the weather not so bad. I posted this picture on Facebook. Someone commented- Who are those people? LOL! I didnt even really notice the family in the photo. I was concentrating on the characters. These characters were all over Epcot and were very cute.
The above pics were the only ones I got at Epcot. I REALLY wished I would have gotten a pic of us in our ponchos. Im sure we were a sight!
Eating lunch at Fishermans Wharf - San Francisco only in Florida at Universal Studios. lol!

They had a Simpsons area at Universal

Highlight of the day- Playing in Barneys clubhouse.

Waiting to see the Barney Show...

still waiting......

still waiting....

and still waiting.....

ahhhhh..... the big purple dinosaur himself.

A short video from the show. It was PERFECT for a 2 1/2 year old. I mean if you sing "If your happy and you know it" it is RIGHT down their ally! LOL!

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