Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disney Day 1

Like I mentioned before, Aidan and I arrived in FL a few days before Clinton. We spent one of those days just hanging around the hotel and going to old town. The other day I decided we needed to get out and DO something, so I decided we would spend the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom. There were many things I liked about this park. First, we went during the middle of the week so it wasn't crowded and the lines were minimal for everything. Second, they had one area where they had all the characters! I LOVED this. You just had to stand in a short line to see your favorite characters. We never did get to get up close and personal with the characters at the Magic Kingdom because you had to time it just right and the lines were sooooo long. There was NO WAY Aidan would have waited. We got to see Chip and Dale and Goofy before we had to scoot on over to the Lion King show. Can I say PHENOMENAL! It was sooo beautiful and literally brought tears to my eyes sitting there watching it with our little boy! After the show we went to the "Asia" section where Aidan took a looong nap. There was a section that was kind of rain forresty and had lots of beautiful trees for shade. Aidan fell asleep right in the middle of the path- and you know what? I spied with my little eye a very inviting bench underneath some huge bamboo so I decided to take a little siesta myself! Thats right, I took a nap right in the middle of Disney! LOL! It was quite refreshing.

Aidan was still sleeping so I decided to head on over to the "Africa" section where they were going to have the parade. I sat around eating ice cream and watching the African men dance and play their drums waiting for the parade to start. What a relaxing afternoon! The parade started and Aidan was STILL sleeping so I just strolled him right over front and center and watched the parade. You would have thought all the loud music would have woke him up, but my boy can SLEEP! I think I finally woke him up about half way through the show screaming at Mickey. LOL! He watched the rest of the parade kicked back relaxing in his stroller. Have I ever mentioned that Aidan likes to "relax" after his naps? so funny.

One other thing I really liked about the Animal Kingdom was that they had a great Dinosaur section. It had a GREAT play area for kids with climbing structures, slides, and even a huge covered sand pit that the kids got to "dig" for Wooly Mammoth fossils. We spent a lot of time there after lunch.

So day 1 at Disney was totally awesome! Here are some pics....

I just love Goofy!

a not so great pic of Aidan and I with Chip and Dale. It was kind of windy that day.

The parade...

I think I woke Aidan up when I was screaming at Mickey.

This is how Aidan watched the rest of the parade, kicked back and relaxing. lol

This was the shady path in Asia. Look closed in the middle of the pic and a little to the left. Do you know what that is?

Stinky smelly BATS! It was not to much further down the path that I decided to take a little snooze.

The "Dino Dig"

Aidan standing in one of the play structures that just happened to be a jeep.

Riding the Triceratops ride. Very similar to the flying Dumbo ride.

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