Saturday, April 17, 2010

I lied...

Last summer just before Aidan turned 2 we bought him a potty . He showed a lot of interest and actually did well using it for a couple of days. He then lost interest.... He has sporadically used the potty but for the most part it has just been sitting there collecting dust. I have been going back and forth as to what I should do. For awhile I have been thinking that I will just wait until he is "ready" and let him potty train himself. I have been giving this a lot of thought lately and as he is getting closer and closer to 3, I am getting a little ansy about the whole potty training. I REALLY want him to be potty trained by the time he is 3. Im not sure what I will be doing in the fall but do know that I want him to be in a part time Preschool. Many of them require the kids to be potty trained and I dont want that to be the reason he is not able to go to a program especially if it is a really great one.

This leads me to the title of this post... This morning I lied to my child. This is not something I would ordinarily condone or do but felt it was necessary. Lately when I ask Aidan if he wants to wear a pull up or big boy underwear I get an emphatic NO! I WANT A DIAPER!! I decided today was the day that we would BEGIN potty training. LIKE IT OR NOT! I think some kids need to wait until they are ready and some need a little push. I think my child is one of the latter. I think he would still be in a diaper at age 5 if I let him. He is to comfortable in a diaper. This morning I lied and told him that we didnt have any diapers and he would just have to choose between a pull up or big boy underwear. He chose big boy underwear but has been running around naked for most of the day. He has done really well ! We even ventured out this morning to the grocery store and pharmacy and he stayed dry. He has had a few accidents but it is different than last summer. As soon as he has an accident he gets a look of horror on his face and says " I pee peed!" We rush to the bathroom and he finishes up on the potty. Last summer he would be wet and could care less. He would stay wet if we didnt say something to him. The biggest news of the day is that he pooped in the potty today too! I couldnt believe it and hadn't really given much thought as to how I was going to deal with the whole pooping issue. I was sitting in the living room and he diappeared for awhile. I heard him grunting and knew exactly what he was doing. I had visions of a big pile of poop on my kitchen floor, but when I found him he had done it in the potty! Yeah Aidan! It was cause for BIG celebration! We called Mimi immediatley to share the news. Poor thing was really concerned about his potty being dirty and kept asking me to "Clean it". We went to eat at Aidans favorite pizza joint ( because they have video games- he doesnt even realize yet that you are supposed to put money in them but likes to sit at the race car one and pretend to drive. lol!) to celebrate. It was really crowded tonight and it took a REALLY long time to get our food. Aidan could care less because he was busy "playing" his games. We went to Kmart prior going to eat. By the time it was time to go it had been almost 2 hours since he pottied last. I was thinking to myself- I need to get him home and get him on the potty. To late! As we were walking out the door he yelled " I pee peed" I need to go to the bathroom. Sigh.... Oh well, at least he is now saying he needs to go to the bathroom ( even if it is after the fact). All in all I consider today a HUGE success!

Tonight when it was time to go to bed I "magically" found a diaper . Tomorrow if he asks for one I will tell him that diapers are for bedtime and offer him a pullup. He will probably opt for underwear again because for some reason he is anti pullup. Now I just have to tackle the whole passie issue but that can wait for a little longer....

Here are some pics from last summer when we first got the potty.

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