Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

I will resume the pics from Florida but right now I just wanted to throw in some Easter Fun. This Easter was one of my favorites in memory. Maybe it was because we stayed at home or maybe it was because Aidan is older now and was sooo much fun. This Easter just seemed different somehow and we created some great memories. My mom came down on Thursday. On Friday we took Aidan to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. He ran right up to him and gave him a big hug. MUCH different than our experience with Santa this Christmas. Friday afternoon we attended our neighborhood easter egg hunt. Aidan collected lots of eggs and CANDY!

On Saturday my friend Cara came over and we had some fun. We had a cake decorating contest and posted it on Facebook. People got to vote on which cake they liked best. We havent declared a winner but I "ahem" am in the lead 11 to 4! Sweet revenge for her making fun of my "lion cake" ( so she calls it - it was really the EB) I made 2 Easters ago. Tee Hee. After Cara left we dyed eggs. Saturday night I went over to my cousin Terris house to watch the WVU game. I could really care less about WVU but figured I would cheer on the team since they were our representives for the state in the final 4. I spent most of the time holding Terri's 4 month old precious grandbaby while she slept. Just proved to me that I still got it! Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe.

EB visited Saturday night and Sunday morning was full of fun. We then snapped some pics before church. We came home and mom made some DELICIOUS strawberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast for brunch. I then made a TASTY ham, homemade scalloped potatoes, steamed asparagus and rolls for dinner. Oh and for dessert? Yummy Easter Bunny cake!!!

Aidan at the neighborhood egg hunt. I love him in pink!

Dying Easter Eggs- Wow! SO many great lessons and vocab I got to teach this year!

EB visits....

Cool Dude!

Aidan said "oh my peas!" when he came down the stairs and saw his basket. The kid cracks me up.

Aidan was so funny with his eggs. He picked out a "monster" decoration kit. I had mom help him decorate while I was watching the game. She said he really wasnt into it but every once in awhile would run into the kitchen and say " Im going to decorate my eggs". This picture was taken easter morning. He continued decorating that morning. Once again he ran into the kitchen and said "Im going to decorate my eggs".

I love springtime in the Mountains. The trees are absolutely gorgeous when they are blooming! In this pic Aidan had lost a shoe but was looking so adorable I just kept on snapping.

I threw this one in for fun. Aidan crossing his arms pouting.

I love the shoes I found for him to wear!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!! We sure did!

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