Friday, April 9, 2010

Disney Day 2- Magic Kingdom

Our second day at Disney we went to the Magic Kingdom. There are no words to describe it except "magical". Clinton arrived the night before while Aidan was sleeping. We were soooo happy to have him with us. When Aidan woke up in the morning the first thing he said to his dad was "where's Annabelle?". So funny. He knew that Annabelle was always with us when we were together and knew she was missing. The second thing he did was bring his dad a book and said "read it".

It was interesting to compare The Magic Kingdom to Disneyland. They are very similar. I think Disneyland has a few more things that are in other sections of Disneyworld.

As soon as we got off of the monorail and went through the entrance we saw that the characters were doing a show in front of the castle with the Princesses. I just love the Disney princesses- I guess I am still a little girl at heart. We stood there and watched it for a long time before Aidan decided that it was time to move on. LOL! The second thing we did was ride the cars. I think this was Aidans favorite part because he got to drive and even got his own drivers license! The boy LOOOVES his cars and is always wanting to drive mine. He just cant understand the concept that he has 14 more years to go before he can do this. lol. It cracks me up how grown he thinks he is and how independent he attempts to be except when it comes to potty training- ugh! He still has no interest in using the potty.

We spent a majority of the day in the section ( I forgot what it is called) that has all the kids rides. We rode the carousel, flying Dumbo, Its a Small World ( which I think is better at Disneyland because the outside is so pretty), and Snow Whites spooky forrest. Believe it or not this took a couple of hours. It was really crowded that day and HOT! We needed to take a break for lunch.

After lunch Aidan took a nap. I watched Aidan while Daddy rode the Teacups and then Daddy watched Aidan while I rode Splash Mountain. I stood in line for an hour! It was worth it though because it was quite refreshing on such a hot day! Aidan was still sleeping when I found the boys but woke up soon afterwards.

We ended our day with a ride on Space Mountain ( have I mentioned that Clinton and I both are TOTALLY KIDS when it comes to amusement parks and rides?) We just couldnt leave without riding this ride. We got a fast pass, came back at our specified time, were able to do the child switch off ( I think it is so great Disney lets you do this) and within 20 minutes we had BOTH ridden a ride that normally has a minimum wait of an hour and a half. Cool!

We took Aidan to one of the outdoor play structures in Toontown and let him play for awhile. We then took the train back to the entrance where we caught the Monorail back to where we caught the tram to our car. LOL! lots of forms of transportation at Disney!

First arriving at the park Watching the Princess show

Aidan decided to switch hats with daddy.

Watching a Bugs Life 4 D movie.

Riding the Carousel

Waiting in line for Its a small world.

Mommy and Daddy being kids.

One of my fav pics from the day.

Aidan does not look very happy in this pic but it was because he wanted to GO!

Aidan picked out his own hat- Pluto! I kept calling it Goofy and he kept correcting me.

Taking a break in Minnies house. Notice the matching shirts!

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