Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kicked out of the baby area

Aidan has been asking to go to Seaworld since we got here. Finally yesterday I decided to take him as it was our last "fun day" in San Diego before we head back to WV tomorrow. Aidan has always loved Sesame Place and his favorite area in Sesame Place is the little soft block area they have for younger kids / babies. He has been playing there since before he turned 1. Sadly yesterday was his last day playing there. There was an employee monitoring it and she made Aidan stand against the dreaded measuring stick. I knew that he was over the 36" maximum height but he is after all only 3 ( there were other 3 year olds there who just happened to be small for their age- can I help it Aidan is tall for his age? and is above the height restrictions). So we got kicked out of the baby area yesterday. Sad day indeed. We headed over to the "big kids" area and Aidan had a ball. I was glad that there were no kids there over the age of 5 because some of the bigger kids can just be so wild and rough.

I also got to see the Dolphin Show that we didn't get to see last summer. It was so amazing. They used Dolphins, whales, birds, divers, and dancers. We also saw the "Pets Rule" show. Aidan loved watching all the animals. I think his favorite was the pot bellied pigs.

Today has been a day of doing 5 loads of laundry ( somehow I have spent $80 doing laundry in 3 months - I have to say I can't wait to get out of this apartment), cleaning, organizing, and packing. Tomorrow we fly back to West Virginia. In a couple of weeks Aidan and I are going to be meeting Clinton in London for about 10 days. We will spend Thanksgiving in West Virginia ( or maybe Tn). Aidan and I will come back to California after Thanksgiving to find a house since we didnt find one this month. We will then fly back to West Virginia and Clinton will come over to spend Christmas with us and then we will make the move back to San Diego full time. This is the tentative plan but we have been known to change our plan in the past. lol! The next few months seems like a lot and makes me tired just thinking about it ( at least it is not as busy as Clintons schedule- he is leaving on Monday for Egypt followed by a trip to London followed by a trip to Australia and arriving back to San Diego before Thanksgiving.) I hope Aidan does ok in the next few months with all the change going on in his little life. Can you please say a prayer for him (us). I am looking forward to coming back to San Diego and putting down some roots. It has felt a little chaotic with our belongings in 2 different parts of the country. I have enjoyed ( at least most of the time) living in West Virginia and will always be a West Virginia girl but my heart just never left California. I just pray we find a house where we can all be happy.

Now for some pics...

Playing in the "big kid" area...

He wanted to do it twice. The day started out a little cool but Aidan warmed up really quickly with all the running around so we changed his shirt and later changed him into shorts.

waiting to get on the flying elmo ride.

Blue Horizons show. These are the divers.

The Acrobats and the pilot whales.

The Dolphins

Aidan watching the Beluga whales.

I love watching the Beluga whales. They are one of my favs.

Penguin encounter

checking out the Shamu "punch bug"

inspecting the wheels...

checking out the fin ( or I guess you would say tail) on the back

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