Friday, October 22, 2010

Pics at the park 2010

Two years ago when Aidan was 15 months old, Sheri, Cara, and I took him to Ritter Park for a photo shoot. Ritter Park is a BEAUTIFUL park in Huntington that is absoloutely GORGEOUS in the fall when the leaves are changing. Cara and I took him there today for another photo shoot. Sheri of course was not able to join us as she is with Weston at the hospital ( please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is now fighting pneumonia on top of everything else he is battling).

These are the pics that I took with my camera while Cara was doing the real photos with her GOOD camera from work. I think we picked the absolute worst time of day to take the pics. The sun was bright and there were funky shadows everywhere, but we still got a few cute ones.

First- a few from 08....

and from today... Remember these are not the best quality because they are really photos of a photo shoot. lol!

Mr. GQ. I really love this one!

The light was streaming directly on him in this pic but I think it created kind of a neat effect.

Another one of my favs! I love this peacoat I bought him from Childrens Place.

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