Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giggling Girlies

This post is about all things pink and girly! The things that we don't experience all that often in our house. lol! Yesterday was Laurens 6th birthday. Sheri has been so busy with Weston in the hospital that Cara and helped in putting together a "Spa Party" for Lauren - because 6 year olds have A LOT of stress and NEED to be pampered once in awhile. bahahahaha! It was so much fun doing something "girly" and helping make the day special for Lauren. We did facials, manicures, foot spas, and the girls made their own body glitter. Aidan hung right in there with the girls and everyone had a great time! It was a light hearted and much needed fun night for everyone especially Lauren. There was tons of talking, giggling, whispering, and running around. I would say the party was a success!

The party favors

Cara set up the manicure station

Lauren decided on the name "Friendship Spa". I loved the name she chose.

hanging out waiting for things to get going.

jumping on the bed....

getting some love on the feet...

The girls after their facials.... Aidan decided that he didn't want a facial...

and that he would just eat his cucumbers instead. Funny story - I was doing some research on the internet about spa parties and Aidan asked me " mommy are we going to put pickles on Laurens face?" tee hee...

Aidan getting his nails buffed...

and his hands massaged....

and his feet pampered.

debating whether he wanted his nails painted. He decided to get just one nail painted with sparkly blue paint.

The cute birthday cake!

Birthday girl with her mommy and daddy.

blowing out the candles

and opening gifts. These are the boots I got Lauren. All the girls were oohing and aahing causing all the adults to crack up.

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