Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

We got home the night before last and both Aidan and I are having a difficult time with the time zone difference this time. We have both been going to bed around 1 am and sleeping in until 10:30. I hate sleeping in so late so today I changed my game plan and kept Aidan up the whole day without a nap. He went right to bed at 8 oclock and so far so good. Lets just hope he stays asleep!

Today I took him to the Farmers Market and he got to paint a pumpkin. He had a good time and enjoyed being around the other kids. Aidan is so social and meets "friends" wherever he goes. I love that he is so outgoing and isn't a shy kid. I hope this trait stays with him - although it does worry me a little that he DOESN'T know a stranger and talks to everyone. I have been talking with him recently about strangers- he asked me "whats a stranger?" so I had to explain it. I love it that when I use a word he doesn't know he asks me to define it for him. It really clues me in on what he undersands and doesn't understand - although I spend a lot of time explaining what different words mean. lol! I know that he doesn't totally grasp the concept of what a stranger is but at least we have a starting point. This is an area where we have much more work to do.

Next Thursday we are going back to the Farmers Market to do some trick or treating. I'm glad that Aidan will get the chance to trick or treat since we will be in London on Halloween.

Lots of fruits and veggies at the Farmers Market... and pumpkins and gourds....
starting to decorate by putting on some eyes...

and painting... look at that concentration

focused on putting on some letters....

It really helps me to concentrate when I stick out my tongue. lol!

Voila! The finished product!

see my pumpkin!

so proud!

Now to enjoy a yummy apple for a snack!

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