Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enjoying the cuteness

Tuesday we went to "Mickeys Halloween Party" at Disneyland. It was rather "iffy" if we were actually going to get to go or not. It was pouring the rain in Orange County all day. It was even raining while we were driving there. I had already purchased our tickets so I was going to at least attempt it. The party was after normal operating hours from 6 -11. I parked the car in the Mickey and Friends parking structure. As soon as we parked it stopped raining! I was so happy. The tram wasnt working so we had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the park. Along the way we passed so many people walking back to their cars after a day at the park that were SOAKED! It brought back memories of our trip to Epcot in March when we were in the pouring rain! Not Fun- especially when you have little ones and strollers! We were blessed and it didn't rain a single drop while we were there. I prayed on the way there that it would stop raining so we could enjoy the evening. I believe that prayers should not only be for the heavy serious stuff but for small stuff too like parking spots and rain! There are no "silly" prayers just as there are no "silly" questions so I prayed the rain would stop and God listened and answered my prayer! . As soon as we pulled out of the garage to go home it started raining again!

I thought we would only stay a couple of hours but we were there PAST closing time at 11pm. We met Jacob and Suzanne there and both boys were troopers. We had a sleep over at their house so we wouldn't have to drive back to San Diego so late. It was 1AM before Aidan got to sleep! He then slept in the next morning until 10AM! That is the latest he has ever gone to bed and the latest he has ever gotten up! I think I had a "Disneyland Hangover" yesterday. lol!

I was curious to see what "Mickeys Halloween Party" was going to entail. I had visions of us being confined to a smallish area with the characters and a party like atmosphere. When we got there I realized that we got to go throughout the entire park. Not all the rides and sections were open ( Toon Town was closed which was a real bummer) some I think due to the rain they had earlier. They were playing Halloween music throughout the park and had different effects created by lighting so there were spiders and ghosts throughout the park and on the castle. They had trick or treat stations throughout the park with both candy and sliced apples and raisins. They also had a Halloween themed parade ( which we only got to see the end of- twice!) and fireworks that were AMAZING set to Halloween music. The lines were long at first for the candy but died down later in the night so you could just walk right up to the stations and not have to wait. Of course the characters and villians were out and about. It was fun to see the kids and adults in costumes.

Now presenting the world's CUTEST PUMPKIN! and I am enjoying the cuteness!

Seriously I could still eat him up even though he isn't a baby anymore.

For Cara. I asked him to stand there so I could take his picture and he threw up the peace sign. Go figure.

This is pretty much my view the entire night. He INSISTED on pushing his stroller.

Suzanne and the worlds cutest Chef!

I bought Aidan and Jacob little light up toys. As you can tell Jacob was REALLY into it. lol!

The castle. It kept changing colors and had Halograms ( I guess that is what they are called) appear on it.

hanging with his "Punkin peeps".

waiting to see Mickey and Minnie. They were playing restaurant- of course Jacob was the chef.

awww.... big hugs from Mickey.

Playing with Captain Jack Sparrows booty while we were in line to take pictures with Captain Jack who had a STRIKINGLY resemblence to Johnny Depp! This photo op was for the MOMMIES and not the kids. We were 3 away from getting to see him up close and personal and then I heard the dreaded words - "Mommy I have to go poop". Arghhh!!!! Thats ok Captain Jack I will see you next year!

We ended the night with a ride on the rockets. Aidan asked me all night to ride them. They go pretty high - I hope he enjoys rides like his Mama and Dad when he gets older! I am still 9 at heart! I always feel like that Disney commercial where the 2 kids are playing and it ends up being the parent and child. Yes. that totally describes me when I am at Disney! Love it!

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Peace out ponies!!! I love it! Excited for trick-or-treat this year! -C