Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a wet slobbery kiss from this super sweet baby! I feel so happy and content this Christmas season to have this precious miracle in our lives. This time last year we were praying that we would have a baby girl home from Guatemala by this Holiday Season. God had his own plan and led us to Aidan Kai instead. What a blessing he is! While going through the journey of adoption I felt like it was taking forever and some days would wonder if we would end up with a child at all. Looking back now it actually happened so fast! When we finally made the heart wrenching decision to change our plans and postpone our adoption from Guatemala and adopt domestically, Aidan came into our lives within 4 months! I still feel in my heart that Ella Rose is somewhere out there in the universe and we will meet her when the time is right. To all those parents out there who are in process and are waiting to bring home their little ones, have faith because it will happen before you know it. Look closely and you can see the drool coming from his mouth to the blanket!

I think my feet are the coolest things I have met since I met my hands!


Suzanne said...

OMG those are the cutest little pictures! (Well what I mean is, the baby in them!) I love all his little Christmas outfits. And that big smile on his face with Santa -- priceless! It's like he knows that this is the dude with all the goods. heehee

muminlaw said...

Kelley, I love the picture with Santa. Wait for a couple of years until you or Clinton have to sit on Santa's knee with Aidan on yours. It happens all the time!
Even the thought of all the goodies in the sleigh won't help.
Poor baby!
Wish I was there for some of the drooly kisses!

muminlaw said...

Hi there Suzanne,
I had an enjoyable time at the Anaheim Angels stadium with you and Kelley and the babies.
Have a great Christmas.