Monday, December 17, 2007

Annabelle Leigh the Diva Dog!

Here are a few photos that Lori the Pet Photographer took. There are several other really cute ones but I am saving them as a surprise for Clinton. If you look closely in the first one Annabelle is actually flying! Her feet are not touching the ground.

Annabelle is such a funny dog! While I was visiting my mom I got not 1 but 2 phone calls that Annabelle had been "found". When Clinton has an event he always takes Annabelle with him. He has some of the staff look after her since he can't because he is presenting. There is one particular game played on Saturday night that is very loud. Annabelle has very sensitive hearing ( a trait of Lhasa Apso's) so I told Clinton just to have someone put her in his car with the windows cracked. Well obviously they put the windows down a little to far and Annabelle escaped. She decided that she would attend a wedding! ( at least she has good taste). She then went back to the training room without anyone noticing. They just thought she came straight from the car to the training room and did not realize that she took a detour via a wedding! I am just thankful that she did not actually attend the wedding , but the reception . I have visions of her walking down the aisle while the bride and groom are taking their vowels! I got a message the next morning from someone at the wedding ( I was asleep due to a 3 hour time difference). When I called Clinton about it he has very confused. We then pieced together what happened. Oh the antics of Annabelle!


Anonymous said...

God I love that dog!!

Anonymous said...

That was from Cara, by the way.