Thursday, December 6, 2007

I hope you made it!

I just created this new blog and had it Stylized by Nikki for only $20.00! She is a university student and is raising money for a humanitarian trip she is taking this summer to the Dominican Republic. Pretty cool Huh! She was fast and efficient!

I hope everyone made it to this site. I know that not many people post comments, but I would love to know who is looking at this site and that you made it.


Muriel and Jerry said...

I love the blog style. I am not sure I know who you are exactly and I see my blog on the sidebar. our address is typed wrong though it is Your baby is gorgeous.

Farrah said...

Hi I just found your site through Nikki...My blog is private but if you would like to follow us along and I will follow you email me

Betsy said...

Hee Haw...Found you!

Anonymous said...

Well I was gonna say, the pink on the other blog just wasn't Aidan's color!! Love this new one, Nikki just may have another customer soon (me!).
Now what about the archives from the other blog...will they follow you here? I look at them from time to time..
Merry 1st Christmas to our boys!
-Suzanne & Jacob