Sunday, December 9, 2007

Little Elf and Santas Helper

Since Thursday we have been going through the process of putting up our Christmas Tree. We bought the tree on Thursday but I just got around to decorating it last night. I didn't want to get a very big tree this year becuase our place is a little bit more crowded than in the past ( baby paraphenalia will definitely fill up a room fast!). Also, we are going away for Christmas this year so we will only get to enjoy it for a couple of weeks. However, I wanted to make sure Aidan had a tree for his first Christmas. So here is the process in pictures... Getting ready to go. I swear I only turned my head for a millisecond and this hat grew!

Santa's Helper went with us to pick out the tree

At the Christmas tree lot. We picked out a 6 foot tree. It was not until I got it home I discovered that it was really a Charlie Brownish Christmas Tree. There were holes everywhere in that tree.

Loading up the tree

I am usually a red bow, raffia, apple decorations, clear lights ,country type of tree girl. I have been decorating like this for years now. This year I decided that we needed a change. I went out and bought all color lights and lots of colorful balls and decorations. I collect a new keepsake ornament every year. This year we have 3 "babies first Christmas" ornaments. Helen bought one at Disney, my mom bought one, and then I bought one that I couldn't resist in Gatlinburg. I also buy a christmas ornament everywhere we travel. These were added to the tree.

Ta Da!

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