Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in Tennessee

Well we finally arrived home from Tennessee. Due to weather in the north we got delayed in Atlanta for 24 hours with no luggage. Thankfully my Aunt Becky and Uncle Frank saved the day. They picked us up from the airport, ran out and got diapers and formula, and even tracked down a car seat for Aidan. I don't know what we would have done without them! Delta flew us home first class which was sweet! It was nice having the extra room for Aidan and Annabelle. They both were real troopers throughout the whole ordeal. Aidan stayed smiling and Annabelle never complained once.

On the way to Tennessee we were 10 minutes from landing in Knoxville when the Captain had to turn the plane around due to a maintenance light. We had to fly back to Atlanta where they found us another plane. We finally arrived in Knoxville at 2 A.M. Thankfully, I had made rental car reservations and they were still there waiting for us! I am going to write a letter thanking Avis! Again, I don't know what we would have done without a car and car seat. I felt like God was watching over us during our trip.

With all of the travel drama put aside, we had a wonderful Christmas. It was nice having the chance to spend Christmas with so many family members. This is a rare occasion since moving to California. We rented a 7 bedroom 7 bathroom "cabin" outside of Gatlinburg that was complete with a hot tub and a game room with a pool table and Ms. Pacman. It was not a white Christmas like I hoped, but there were mountains all around and it was beautiful. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, yet just 5 minutes from the closest shopping mall and Walmart.

Aidan's first Christmas was very special. It was so fun watching him. My mom babysat him a lot and Clinton and I got a chance to go to the movies with the rest of our family. We also got the chance just to "hang out" with family, spend a little time in the hot tub, and play Trivial Pursuit.

At the Orange County airport. Packed up and ready to go!

Because there were 12 of us there were sooo many packages! The presents spilled out a good 10 feet from the tree.

Mr. A.K. in his Christmas pajamas.

"What? You mean Santa is really coming tonight!"

"Put me down Nana, I have to go to bed so Santa can come"

Aidans first stocking. My Aunt Sue makes beautiful needlepoint stockings for everyone in the family. Aidan doesn't have one yet, so it just says "Baby's first Christmas 2007 " with a picture of Pooh and Piglet. I wanted to get a picture of all of the stockings hanging from the mantel, but several people forgot to bring theirs along. Aidan's was the only one hanging from the mantel and the rest were sitting on the edge of the fireplace.

Aidan was a very good boy, so Santa came to see him.

Christmas morning. Aidan is "talking" on his new cell phone.

Nana watching everyone open up gifts. In the corner you can see some of the stockings.

My cousin Sabrina and her daughter Cassie and her husband Colin opening up gifts.

Not only did we have 12 family members there but 4 dogs and a bird. This is Echo my Cousin David's African Grey. He is still a baby. David says it is a race to see who talks first, Echo or Aidan.

My Aunt Becky and Uncle Frank ( who saved us in Atlanta) with their newly adopted dog Chico. My mom calls him "Dingo Dog". She said that he was going to carry off her baby Aidan. He didn't have the best personality at first. I think he has a "small dog complex" because he even tried pushing around the next dog.......

Heidi my cousin Joey's dog. It took Chico a couple of days to settle in and then he became much sweeter.

This is Annabelle's sister Zoey. She went to live with my Aunt Becky and Uncle Frank when Clinton and I moved to California 6 years ago. Actually, Chico is Zoey's dog. They got Chico for Zoey after their dog Oreo passed away.

and finally Princess Annabelle sporting her new pink leopard print harness from Santa. Annabelle had a hard time relating to the other "commoners" there and ignored them the entire time. She just couldn't understand why they were acting like such "dogs".

a back view of Annabelles harness. It is complete with Swarovski crystals in the 4 corners.

Clinton and I got to hang out in Gatlinburg with Annabelle and Aidan our last day there. Everyone else had already gone home. We drove to my moms house that night and to the airport the next day. We had a great time having Christmas in Tennessee!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time! I had forgotten about Zoey! Glad she is still around and has a new friend. Looks like Aidan had a good Christmas and tell Annabelle I love her new harness. It's SO her! -Cara