Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dinner with the Tracy's

Yesterday Clinton, Aidan, and I went to San Diego to look at houses. We found a couple of possibilities but will probably continue to look. We ended the night with having dinner at Clinton's mentors house Brian Tracy. He fixed his world famous Cesar salad ( the recipe is on his website at .) and cedar smoked salmon. I can honestly say it was the best Cesar Salad that I have ever eaten! It was such an honor to have dinner with Brian and his wife, they are just truly gracious people. Brian has written close to 50 books on business and they have been translated into 36 languages. He has been in the seminar business for 25 years. Clinton has been studying his work for many years now and swears by his books. It is fascinating just listening to the two of them talking about everything from history , to politics, to business. I honestly think Clinton has the mind of a genius when it comes to those areas.

Brian always gives Clinton the best coaching. Part of the coaching that he gave him last night was that he needed to write his own book ( something I have been urging him to do now for years - he has been working with a ghost writer but it just hasn't gotten anywhere). To our surprise Brian offered to co write a book with him. Clinton was over the moon! How exciting to have my husband actually be a published author - co authored with Brian Tracy of all people!

I also talked with Brian's wife about how she dealt with Brian being away so often when her 4 kids were little. She said she traveled a lot with him and then when the kids hit school age she was so busy that it just all worked out. I guess Clinton and I just need to adopt 3 more kids and we will be all set! In front of the Tracy's Christmas Tree. The tree was absolutely beautiful and had to be at least 12 feet tall!
What's that Mr. Tracy? What did you say about the Law of Complexity?

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