Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year and Aidan's first taste of rice cereal

Happy New Year to everyone. Clinton and I decided to have a quiet New Years at home. Since Aidan is 5 months old now I decided to give him a taste of Rice Cereal for the first time. The results are in the video below. I don't know if he actually swallowed any of it because he would spit it out as soon as I put it in his mouth. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY, Aiden gets some food!!! YEAH!!

Cousin Sabrina

suzanne said...

Very brave to try cereal in the living room! haha Love the Christmas pics too, Merry 1st Christmas Aidan! Looks like Santa was veryyyy good to him. Jacob scored a ton of nice stuff too. Now to get it all back to CA, with my cat in tow as well..
Got a nice message from your Muminlaw.. :)
Happy New Year to all the Swaine's!!

Anonymous said...

Finally! I bet your mom is happy now! Looks like it might take him a while to get the hang of it! Atleast he seemed to enjoy it for now! -Cara

Farrah and Jed said...

It actually gets better...
He will learn how to swallow it.
He is a doll baby!