Friday, October 3, 2008

Aidan meets Elmo and more fun at Seaworld

We had a long company meeting on Wednesday and Aidan was with Danuza for most of the day so I decided to take him to Seaworld yesterday. It was so much fun! There was not many people there so Aidan got to have a little more freedom. I decided that I am going to start going to Seaworld as often as possible becuase it is a GREAT place for a 1 year old to burn off some energy! They had things there for little babies that I didnt even see the previous times because it was always so crowded. Aidan finally got up close and personal with his favorite character Elmo. He ran over to him as soon as he saw him even though there was already a little girl visiting with him. Luckily, Aidan only wanted to give HER a hug and her father was very understanding. Too Cute. Also, one of Aidans favorite things is water so he really enjoyed the jumping water this time. Last time he shyed away from it.

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