Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Fun

Clinton and I both worked from home a lot this weekend, but here are some random pictures. We did manage to get to the park a few times and I took Aidan to the zoo yesterday. We went to the Childrens Zoo part of the zoo for the first time and it was really great. I wish I would have discovered it earlier. When Aidan gets a little older and stops putting his hands in his mouth every 5 seconds I will let him go to the petting zoo portion of the Childrens Zoo. We also took the bus tour of the zoo for the first time yesterday. The trip was only 35 minutes and Aidan wanted down the entire time. I think I am going to be in trouble when we fly to Tennessee in November! He is definitely a boy who likes to be on the go constantly! This is how I found Clinton and Aidan yesterday. Clinton was in his "Major Challenge" costume and he was showing Aidan the guitar. Aidan LOOOVES the guitar and also our piano. Too cute.
Playing at the zoo

What a beautiful sunset! I love this picture!

Aidan goes down the "big boy" slide!

Annabelle chases a rabbit ( her favorite past time)

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