Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bates Nut Farm

Fall is my favorite season of the year. October is by far my favorite month. To me fall means cool weather, sunny skies, beautiful leaves, football games, crisp air, and the awesome smell of leaves and chimney smoke. In a weird way fall feels like new beginnings although most people think of it as the end of something (mostly summer and all that goes with it). Perhaps it is because fall is the start of a new school year and possibilities. New teachers, friends, and new clothes! I just love fall! Although it is not quite the same being in California ( there is no change in weather or leaves, no crisp air or chimney smoke), I still love fall and always get the same cozy feeling each October. To me it is a time to get out and celebrate.

Today Clinton and I took Aidan to Bates Nut farm where they had a HUGE pumpkin patch, arts and crafts, food, petting zoo, hay ride, live entertainment, etc....It was a hundred times better than the pumpkin patch I took Aidan to earlier this week. Here are the pics that tell the story...

This is when we first arrived. I was letting Aidan walk around and explore while clap clap ( da da) got our food.

HMMMM.... So much to see
Aidan and me. He was eyeing someones boon ( balloon) so....

The next stop was to buy Aidan his own boon.

It was a little on the cool side when we left our house, however it quickly warmed up so Aidan had to break out his overalls West Virginia style!

I love how he is holding his bibs in this picture. Ir cracks me up! We were listening to a country band and Aidan looovved it. He of course was dancing and getting lots of attention from everyone in the crowd.

Hey, I have a stick!

Taking a break from all the dancing and sitting on clap clap's lap having some agua enjoying the music.

Hangin' out with all the pumpkins

and the gourds....

Have you seen my muscles? I am going to pick this pumpkin up!

Aidan enjoyed sitting ON the pumpkins the most.

After picking out our pumpkin we were waiting in line for ice cream and this is what I saw. Where is Aidan? He has been replaced by a pumpkin face. Hilarious!!!

This is what I saw BEHIND the balloon. One exhausted little boy.

But wait maybe ice cream will pick me up.... first some of moms.

Then some of da da's......

Can you believe it? I looove ice cream!

On the ride home. One happy sleeping baby!


suzanne said...

Now that's the way to wear overalls... YEEEE-HAWW!!! Aidan you are too cute!

Lizzie said...

Hi! Another PSHS alumni here! Love your little boy, my goodness he is so adorable. His eyes are gorgeous! You are indeed very blessed.