Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 15 months baby boy!

Dear Aidan,

Today you are 15 months old. I can not express how much joy you bring me and Clap Clap. I love playing with you and watching you grow and learn new things. My favorite part of the day is the early morning ( very early!) when you first wake up. I love how you are so happy in the morning and how we cuddle as you take your bottle. You then bring me book after book to read to you! You love having books read to you. You are talking more and more every day. The words you are currently using are ma ma, da da, clap clap, pap ( passie), wa wa ( water), nana ( banana), hat, tink ( tinkerbelle), down, no ( your favorite word at the moment), boom, boo, fish, nose, boo ( book), ba ba ( bottle), bye bye, and bir ( bird). You can point to your nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, and pigs ( toes). Your motor skills are getting better all the time. You still sometimes walk on your toes, but you are getting very fast and are even starting to run. You are the most CURIOUS child I have ever seen. LOL!You want to know how everything works and are constantly getting things out of cabinets and drawers. You get a very serious look on your face when you are "examining" things. Your favorite foods right now are banans, grapes, strawberries, turkey, and string cheese. You also enjoy eating hummus, avocado and gold fish crackers. Your favorite toys right now are anything that is a "non toy" and books. You are starting to enjoy playing with your Sesame Street stuffed animals and with trucks.You always have things in your hands ( usually 2 of your little people that go with your toys or blocks) You love going to the park and going down the slide. Your favorite place is Seaworld playing at Sesame Place. You still explore EVERYTHING with your mouth ( which drives me a little nuts but I know it is all part of being a baby!). You are happy and in a great mood 95% of the time. However, you are starting to tolerate things like your stroller less and less. Your personality is developing more and more. You are such a silly boy! You are also "head strong" and determined. You are a total joy and pleasure! I could not imagine life any other way!

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Happy Birthday to Nana's baby.