Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting ready for CHRISTMAS!

Aidan , Annabelle, and I have been hangin' this weekend becuase Clinton and the rest of the crew are in San Francisco running a Play to Win. It has actually been pretty nice having the house to ourselves and not having so many other people here working ( dont get me wrong, I love the people who work for us but it is NICE to just have some time by myself) We went to Gymboree yesterday, did some shopping, and visited 2 different parks. I am busy getting ready for our trip to the east coast in a little over a week. It is going to be COLD there, so I have bought Aidan lots of warm clothes. It is still in the high 80's here so the cool weather will be refreshing. At the same time I am getting ready for CHRISTMAS! I am putting aside some of Aidan's summer outfits ( that still fit him) for our trip to Australia. It is going tobe SUMMER there! I scored a new swimsuit, coverup, and hat for Aidan yesterday for $3.00! I am really looking forward to both trips! We will be in Tennessee and West Virginia for almost a month ( through Thanksgiving) and then we come home for 2 weeks before we leave for OZ for Christmas. I am really having to plan ahead as we have lots of Christmas activities including our company Christmas party ( which I am in charge of planning). I am getting ready to put Aidan down for a nap and climb into our attic to get down our Christmas decorations so they will be ready to go when we get home.

Here are some pics from todays visit to the park. It was totally empty except for a family there getting ready for a birthday party. They already had a jump house blown up and were nice enough to let Aidan get in and play.Look mama, I have someones dirty straw!

Look mama, I am off my leash and loving life!!
Playing in the sand. Wait, what is that brightly colored house over there?

Let me just run over there and check it out...

HMMM..... How do I get up there?

Maybe if I go around to the other side....

SCORE!!!! Thanks mama for helping me!

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