Monday, January 12, 2009

adventures in showering and Aidan uses a fork

I have been really lucky in that Aidan is a great napper. Up until the past week he would always take a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. It has always been my routine to shower and get ready during his morning nap. Yesterday when I still had my pajamas on at noon I realized I would have to figure something else out. I needed to get out of the house fairly early today so I had to get ready early. I think Aidan might be a little busier than most babies ( at least that is how it feels to me) You literally can not turn your head without him getting into some type of mischief. His favorite place to get into mischief is the bathroom. I decided to bite the bullet today and experiment with showering while locking him in the bathroom with me. I childproofed our very large bathroom the best I could and put out a clothes basket of "non toys" that I knew would peak his interest ( think fly swatter, brush, little box of costume jewelry, etc...) . Our shower is a glass stall so I could watch him the entire time. He immediately took the bate and proceeded to examine all the "stuff" I put out for him to explore. This took an entire 2.3 minutes and he was offf... to see what he could find. What I forgot to do is block the toilet with the seat to my make up table so this was his first target. He ran over to the toilet and proceeded to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper and put it into the toilet. His next target was my glasses that I mistakenly laid on my makeup table just before I got into the shower ( I made sure daddies glasses were protected but forgot about my own). I ran out of the shower and grabbed them just before they were getting ready to go snap. I got back in the shower and hurried up and got back out just as he was opening the drawer to my makeup table and was getting out my makeup. That little boy can destroy a room in no time flat! After I got dressed we had a serious conversation about "NO NO things" and " YES YES things" ( the title of one of his books). He protested a little but at least he played with the basket of stuff I put out for him while I dried my hair and finished getting ready. Yikes!!! There are millions of moms in the world and I am SURE they are able to shower while they have toddlers. I just need to find out their secrets. Ha Ha... Any suggestions?

Now on to some pics. Yesterday Aidan used a fork for the very first time. He ate some sgetti ( as he calls it) and was very proud of himself....

Open wide....
Tee Hee... I just managed to get some sgetti in my mouth!

Did you see me use that fork mom?

Now let me see how my Chargers are doing! oh not to good!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kels... How do other moms with toddlers take a shower? Hum.... let's see.
1. A long time ago, this one incredibly smart mom invented a nifty folding square box thingy called a playpen. Trust me. 15 minutes in a playpen will not hurt Aidan or leave him feeling jilted in any way.
2. You can also put him in his crib for 15 minutes.
3. Take him into the shower with you. (Personally, I think this is weird, but other people do it.)
4. Duct tape :-} (kidding!!)
5. How about putting his swing in the bathroom.

Can't wait to see him again!!

Later Cuz,