Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pictures from Oz Part 2

Today I have finally managed to get Aidan on his regular schedule. He has been sleeping in really late and going to bed really late. He is back to his 7:45 bed time and 7:00 wake up time. We have been busy since we have been home. Jemma is still here visiting from the UK. We went to Seaworld on Sunday and whale watching yesterday. We saw some really beautiful whales and dolphins. Yesterday afternoon Aidan had a well baby doctors appointment and got stuck 3 times ( poor baby). I am happy to report that the doctor says he is doing well. He is in the 90% for height and 50% for weight. I got a little worried about him in Australia because he went through a " no eating" phase for a couple of days. I figured it was due to the 6 teeth he got while we were there. Aidan is still walking on his toes at times so I talked to the doctor about my concerns. She said we would keep an eye on him until he turns 2. At that time we will discuss a referral to a neurologist. She thinks that it will work itself out. The fact that most of the time he walks on his entire foot is a good sign and so Cerebal Palsy is not a concern.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of my Christmas decorations taken down and stored. I also have another project I am working on. The back room of our house is a mess. It is a multi purpose room. It is where we have our big screen, a play area for Aidan, tons of DVD's and anything else that hasnt managed to be unpacked since May. It is also where we have our company meetings and where people sleep when we have guests and the other 2 guest bedrooms are occupied. It is my goal to get everything organized and stored. I want the area to be functional and for us to have a system for the DVD's so our employees can check them out. I will take some before and after pictures for you. I am sure it will take some time.

Now here are the final pics from Oz.....

Every evening we would take Aidan somewhere like the park to blow off some energy. While we were in Cowes the fair was in town, so one night we went there after dinner. Mamas sweet boy
Riding the teacups with Aidan

Clinton blowing off some energy doing some flips at the fair.

Clinton and Josh ( his god son and nephew)

Me and Melissa

Me and Lynette

Blowing bubbles with Bec

Playing in the sand with Auntie Lynette and Bec

The Nobbies at Philip Island

Eating at a Chinese restaurant for Malcolms birthday.

The surprised birthday boy

New Years eve we had sparklers, glo sticks, played rummy, and watched the fireworks from Sydney on tv ( we are getting old)

A sand castle display in Frankston. There were lots of dinosaurs there all made from sand.

Wow this is a big cucumber! From Grandma Helens garden.

Feeding the Wallabys at the wild animal park.

Look closely and you can see the Koalas asleep in the tree behind us.

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